Jinyihui decoration follows the concept of "thick and concentric, good building together", develops the enterprise spirit of "team, dedication, pragmatism, innovation", from the beginning to the end around the cultivation and enhancement of "architectural design, construction, procurement" integrated general contracting capabilities and "construction, operation" comprehensive service capabilities

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Follow the concept of "thick and concentric, good building peers"

Decoration design and construction

Decoration design and construction

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First, family decoration and design and construction,

Ii. Municipal engineering (public transport facilities, water supply, drainage, waterproofing, sanitation and lighting infrastructure contracting)

Third, civil building decoration engineering (1.Civil reconstruction: according to the plan to lay the trough, bottom box and wall removal 2.Hydropower concealment project: Divide the strong and weak electricity into pipes, items, and slots, and then use steel wire to thread 3.Mud engineering: After the waterproofing is done, the water test is carried out for 48 hours, the paving of kitchen and bathroom wall tiles, the ground leveling, and the dark application of pipe 4.Wood works: local ceiling, modeling treatment, cabinet production 5.Paint work: putty leveling three times, sandpaper after processing, roll the primer once, then brush the top paint twice, and then polish 6.Installation project: Installation of metal doors and Windows, lamps, sanitary ware, switches, panels, hardware pendants 7.Cleaning: Notify the owner after clearing the land for acceptance)